Maui Guide

Fun, Sun, and Adventure!

There is so much to see and do on Maui! We’ve provided some thoughts below, but our Nā Hoa (friends) are much more in depth and articulate than us so I shared links to their sites below (great 1 bedroom options also in case that option is needed for you or others joining your trip!)

Whale watching

Humpback whales tour our area from about December to May. You can see their spouts from shore while relaxing or you can experience the action up close on one of the many professional tours. 

Swimming with the fishes

Whether you SCUBA or snorkel, Maui is the place to be! Boasting some of the top rated sites in the county, you are sure to enjoy unique scenery and aquatic life that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Professional SCUBA and snorkel tours offer a broad range of options from easy going/beginner types to more challenging and adventurous excursions. You can even rent some simple snorkel equipment and walk right down our driveway to Kam I, II, & III and just snorkel off the beach!


If you’re looking for endless majestic beauty, look no further than the dormant volcano Haleakala. I may be bias since this has a very special place in my heart being the spot where I proposed to Cristina, but I think many others would agree that this truly is a very special place. Get your breath taken away by catching a sunrise (when I proposed) or sunset, soak up some wildlife with hikes, see the stars up close with overnight camping, and get an adrenaline rush with a bike ride down from the top.

I enjoyed this site for some fun facts: Legends of Haleakalā Maui

Golfing, Fishing, Surfing, oh my!

Is golfing your thing? Well you are at the right place because there are world-class golf courses within minutes of our home! Even if you can’t bring your clubs, don’t worry, they have rentals! Wanna catch some fish? Kihei Boat Landing is a stone’s throw from our condo so it’s easy to charter a fishing trip and reel in the big one! Speaking of catching big ones, there are so many amazing places to catch a big wave for surfing or the perfect air for kiteboarding, hang ten!!!!

Road to Hana

This is truly an adventure of a lifetime! You can easily spend a week traveling the road to Hana and never be bored. We recommend scheduling a driver/tour so someone isn’t stuck behind the wheel the whole time and missing all of the beautiful scenery. Study up on this one, whether you’re planning a day trip or if you’re able to spend more time and stay in Hana or somewhere else along the way.

These ideas merely scratch the surface of fun and amazing activities to enjoy on Maui. Explore more with searches online or visit our friends’ pages below for more details, blogs and recommendations.

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